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Here is a collection of final tests--both before and after final paint--of THE MONSTER's title character. Part Four of the TROOPERS series focuses on the mysterious "brain bug", from its sculpture to tests. Sign up. 4. Evaluation of data for acceptable daily intake (ADI) for humans, maximum residue levels and supervised trials median residues (STMRs).


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ADI 4V Driver

Animal metabolism Studies on lactating goats, quail and laying hens were reported to the present Meeting.

ADI 4V Only traces of acephate were detected in the tissues of quail 3 days after dosing with [S-methylC]acephate, which is consistent with other observations that the metabolism of acephate is rapid. Incorporation into lipids and proteins accounted for most of the 14C in yolk, liver and fat.

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Liberated carbon fragments enter the metabolic pool and are incorporated ADI 4V natural products, principally proteins and lipids and, in the case of milk, lactose. Plant metabolism Studies on bean, cabbage and tomato seedlings, and on lettuce, cotton and ADI 4V plants were reported. Acephate was the major component of the extracted 14C residue in bean, cabbage and tomato seedlings treated by either foliar application or stem injection with [S-methylC]acephate.

Small amounts of methamidophos were also detected. Residues of acephate are translocated and the pesticide is considered to be systemic. Similar results were obtained with beans harvested 14 days after three foliar applications ADI 4V acephate with the same labels: Most of the remaining 14C was distributed in natural products starch, protein, pectin, hemicellulose, cellulose.


ADI 4V contrast, acephate represented a relatively small fraction of the 14C in cotton seed meal and hulls 0. Most of the 14C in cotton seed was incorporated into natural products. Further metabolism results in the incorporation of acephate-derived fragments into natural ADI 4V products.

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Environmental fate in soil Information was provided on the soil adsorption of acephate and on its behaviour or fate during soil and ADI 4V photolysis, aerobic and anaerobic degradation in soil, column leaching of aged residues and field dissipation. Acephate does not undergo significant direct photolysis on soil surfaces.

In aqueous solution it is stable to hydrolysis except at high pH. The main route of degradation appears to be microbial metabolism as only minimal degradation occurred in sterile soils and the degradation rate generally increased with both soil organic matter and moisture contents. In field dissipation, the residues of acephate ADI 4V not move down the soil profile and ADI 4V was rapid with half-lives of less than 3 days for both acephate and methamidophos.

In summary, acephate is not significantly degraded by hydrolysis, except in waters having high pH values. Photochemical transformation is expected ADI 4V be a minor route of degradation.

Degradation in field and in aquatic environments ADI 4V rapid and acephate is not expected to persist in the environment. LOQs of 0.

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Definition of the residue A main metabolite of acephate in or on crops is methamidophos, which is a pesticide in its own right with its own MRLs. Analytical methods ADI 4V for acephate can distinguish between acephate and methamidophos i. Residues of methamidophos arising from the use of ADI 4V must be reconciled with an MRL for compliance purposes.

This could be achieved either by defining the residue of acephate as the sum of acephate and methamidophos or by establishing specific methamidophos MRLs for methamidophos residues arising from the use of acephate. In national systems the ADI 4V of the residue for acephate is generally acephate per se, and methamidophos residues resulting from the use of ADI 4V are accounted for by separate MRLs. For the estimation of dietary intake it is necessary to account for the residues of both acephate and methamidophos, and their relative toxicity must be taken into account.

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A conservative approach is to sum the residues after scaling the methamidophos residues for "potency" based on the ratio of the acephate to methamidophos maximum ADIs for STMR estimates and acute RfDs for HR estimates. The ratios are based on mass and do not require correction for molecular weight. The Meeting agreed that the acephate residue should be defined as acephate. The log Pow for acephate is ADI 4V Definition of acephate residue for compliance with MRLs: Supervised trials When evaluation of the supervised trial data leads to an estimated maximum residue level for acephate, it is also necessary to ensure that residues of methamidophos arising from the use of acephate ADI 4V covered by a maximum residue level for methamidophos.

As methamidophos is also under periodic review by the current Meeting residues of methamidophos arising from the use of acephate will be considered together with those from uses of methamidophos per se in the methamidophos sections of the report and the evaluations.

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