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Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard Driver

The Echo Indigo IOx fits your laptop and offers one stereo 1/8" analog input and output. The interface combines this with bit/96kHz converters for more robust. case will damage your Indigo ExpressCard and void your warranty. Echo Digital Audio Corporation warrants this product, when purchased at an Authorized. does it sound as good as a 'normal' external audio interface? - how about I've had the Indigo IOx for about three years. . DJx? I didn't find any other ExpressCard audio interfaces, but there must be more of them out there?


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Supported systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
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Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard Driver

It is located farthest from the volume knob.

Registration Registration Registering your Indigo ExpressCard with Echo allows us to register key information so that we may handle problems faster and inform you of advance information on upgrades and other news. Thanks in advance for registering. We hope you enjoy your Echo product.

Echo Indigo DJx - Digital Audio Interface INDIGO DJX B&H Photo

You can register via our web Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard - just go to: Multi-client Audio Faq Appendix A: Multi-client audio is a feature that lets you use different virtual outputs on your Indigo ExpressCard with different applications at the same time. This way you can use several different audio applications with just one Echo card. Page 30 You should also turn off your system sounds. Most system sounds tend to be at 11 kHz or 22 kHz.


Imagine that you're recording the best guitar solo of your life and someone clicks on something on the screen. The 22 kHz system sound will play out of an unused output and drop the sample rate of the whole system to 22, ruining your take.


An Introduction to Digital Recording Converting Sound into Numbers In a digital recording system, sound is represented as a series of numbers, with each number representing the voltage, or amplitude, of a sound wave at a particular moment in time. The numbers are generated by an analog-to- digital converter, or ADC, which converts the signal from an analog audio source Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard as a guitar or a microphone connected to its input into numbers.

Page 32 combinations of zeroes and ones, so 65, different voltages can be digitally represented. The more bits there are available, the more accurate the representation of the signal and the greater the dynamic range.

Indigo DJx & Indigo IOx driver

In addition to aliasing, sampling too slowly will result in reduced high frequency reproduction. Your Echo card allows you to sample sound at up to 96, times per second.


Once the waveform has been transformed into digital bits, it must be stored. When sampling in stereo at 96kHz using a bit word size, the system has to accommodate 4, bits per second.

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Signals are also occasionally represented with units of dBm. This is an older unit that measures power instead of voltage levels with 0dBm representing 1 milliwatt.

Page 35 by having electrons moving around due to heat. Even if the converters could be perfectly designed to read these levels, the low noise requirements of the surrounding circuitry such as power supplies and amplifiers would be so stringent that they would either be impossible or too expensive to build. In answering the second question, Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard the fact that music is often compressed or amplified after it is recorded, and that some headroom is necessary when recording to avoid clipping.

Page 13 In Windows Vista, this dialogue box has changed.

Echo Audio Indigo DJx Owner's Manual

The default sound device has a green check mark next to it. You can view the list of these devices either from within your audio software or from the Windows control panel.

Virtual Outputs Virtual Outputs Most audio cards with a pair of analog outputs will appear to software as having just that, a single pair of outputs. The Console allows you to control the audio playback functions of your Echo Indigo ExpressCard, and it brings these controls to a single easy-to-use location.

BTC OPTi Sound SystemEcho INDIGO DJX overview
Asus P5QC Intel ChipsetUpdate Location
Acer Aspire E1-772G NVIDIA Graphics

Console Window Console Window The basic metaphor for the console interface is a digital mixing board, and it works in terms of output busses. An output bus is a stereo pair of outputs on your hardware.

For example, analog outputs 1 and 2 are an output bus. The console window allows you to control what is mixed and sent to that output bus.

Clicking on an output bus tab simply selects the settings that are displayed. Adjusting Playback Volume At the top of the analog inputs are two pan knobs that pan the input channel between the two channels of the output bus.

Download Indigo DJx & Indigo IOx driver by Echo Digital Audio

Holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on a pan slider will set the knob to the center position. Note that this does not affect your recording. Sessions are stored in your documents folder in a sub-folder named after the device. Then, Windows sample rate converts Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard that rate and the rate at which you are playing or recording.

Echo Audio Indigo DJx Owner's Manual

If you open the Sound control panel, you should see one or more playback and recording devices for your Echo hardware. Should you wish to not use the new scheduler, you can disable it by opening the ASIO control panel for the driver. There you will see two new settings: If this box is checked, the ASIO driver will use the new scheduler. Hot Keys Hot Keys There are a number of hot keys that can be used to control the console when it is the active window: Ctrl-s saves or quick-saves the current session Ctrl-o loads a session Ctrl-click a fader to set to 0 dB Ctrl-click a pan slider to set to center Ctrl-click on a mute button Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard select all or deselect all Echo Audio Indigo DJxIndigo IOx ExpressCard can click on the numerical readout below each fader on the console and

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