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Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem Driver

Download Itronix gobook iii drivers in Itronix GoBook III (IX) BIOS , Itronix GoBook III (IX) SmartLinkModem Driver TH01, Itronix GoBook III. OTHER MODEM DRIVERS products: Itronix GoBook III (IX) BIOS , Itronix GoBook II (IX) Touchscreen Driver, Itronix GoBook II (IX) Audio Driver. This contains the Windows and Windows XP driver for the Smartlink modem in the notebook models listed below. It enables the features.


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Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem Driver

About this product Product Information The Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem GoBook III Notebook is an ideal laptop for those who need a high-performing computer with dependable Centrino technology while working at home, in the office, or on the go. This notebook comes with a large, easy-to-reed If your Itronox Gobook III does become too hot, however, an automatic fan will quickly cool the notebook off quietly. Built for the mobile worker or traveler in mind, the GPS system comes with the satellite supported WinFast Navigator utility, which can be used for mapping, automatic vehicle location, route instructions and asset management applications, and with a speed increase of up to three times the speed of GPRS, you can be sure your applications will be fast.

What exactly ColorVue means is not clear.

Itronix GoBook III in. Notebook/Laptop - Customized eBay

Itronix VP Matt Gerber called the technology "semi-transflective" and that describes it well. In direct sunlight the display becomes difficult to read, but it does not wash out completely. However, side by side it was also no better than the display on my Toshiba Portege Tablet PC convertible. Suffice it to say that the GoBook III's display is very bright and that its graphics subsystem can keep up with even the most advanced applications. The touchscreen is very precise. You can either operate it with a stylus or even with your Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem.

Alternately, you can use the GoBook's touchpad which is a simple, rectangular design that works very well. Those used to the active digitizers in Tablet PCs will undoubtedly miss cursor tracking and the elegant way to do a right mouse click, but a simple touch screen has its advantages also. In addition to Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem ruggedness of its products, Itronix also takes great pride in its many wireless offerings. The idea here is that Itronix will make new wireless technologies available in CRMA module form, thus allowing easy upgrade to new and more advanced standards. This is not a bad idea, although miniaturization of communications modules and rapid obsolescence of computing platform probably mean that it is usually less expensive to simply switch to new computers that already have the new standards built in.

Ours came with EDGE provides Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem communication at up to three times the speed of GPRS, with average speeds of kbps and bursts up to kbps. In this day and age of ever faster WiFi, ever more bloated websites, and masses of spam email, even EDGE seems slow, but it sure comes in handy once you're outside WiFi range. A nice example of form follows function. Customers will use GPS for mapping, automatic vehicle location, route instructions and asset management applications. Compared to some GPS systems we've tested, this one locked on to satellites very quickly, continued working inside buildings, and never lost connection.

That's important for critical mapping applications. It isn't as handsome as Panasonic's gleaming Toughbooks, but this is not a beauty contest.

Itronix gobook iii drivers download

Even if it were, the GoBook would actually do quite well. The whole design is supremely functional and to the point, and wholly devoid of unnecessary styling elements.

This is an intelligently conceived just-the-facts kind of machine. It is also a service technician's dream.


Whereas many devices these days clasp and snap together and only come apart when you know the secret place to push and prod, the GoBook has no secrets. All parts that come off have openly accessible screws which are also used as industrial design elements.

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One minor gripe here: I wish they'd used screws that don't fall out and get lost. The only other part that looks like it might come loose is the flip-up radio antenna. Every GoBook we've tested has had it, so it must be pretty tough or else Itronix would have changed it.

It's not particularly elegant but apparently a solution that works. The very fact that the GoBook III is both a flexible, technologically advanced machine and a rugged one posed some problems to the machine's designers. That's because such a machine needs to offer lots of connectivity while still remaining water and dust proof. Itronix Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem this problem by giving some of the ports individual attached rubber plugs while hiding others behind hinged doors.


The speaker and microphone jacks on the left use a rubber flap whereas the large expansion bay on the right has a hinged door. In a machine like this, a door that pops open by accident could have disastrous consequences.

Itronix gobook iii hardware drivers. Get itronix gobook iii drivers download

Itronix GoBook III (IX260 ) SmartLinkModem For this reason, Itronix uses not one but two spring-loaded latches that need to be pushed in opposite directions to open each hinged door. There is no way that one will open unless you want it to. Even a platoon of individuals with obsessive disorders will be hard-pressed to reach that number. Despite the cooler running processor, the GoBook III still features a thermal heat exchanger with a fan that gets its cooling air through a grill opening on the right and back of the machine.

Itronix GoBook III

However, the fan comes on far less often than in the Pentium 4-based GoBook II, and the machine definitely runs a lot cooler. The new GoBook features other design elements that we've come to know and love. There is the "NiteVue" keyboard, which is fully waterproof and made of ivory-colored phosphorescent plastic.

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