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Matrox ParheliaP650P750 Driver

This driver release supports Matrox Parhelia MB/MB (AGP), Matrox Parhelia MB (PCI), Millennium P and Millennium P Matrox Parhelia is a GPU with full support for DirectX and incorporating several DirectX . only bit memory and has only 2 pixel pipelines. The first video cards using it included Matrox Millennium P and Millennium P With only half of Parhelia's 3D graphics power, the P definitely . on the Millennium P, which runs about $70 cheaper than the P


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Matrox ParheliaP650P750 Driver

Later in Parhelia's life, when DirectX 9 applications were becoming quite prevalent, Matrox acknowledged that the vertex shaders were not Shader Model 2. Presumably there were several bugs within the Parhelia core that could not be worked around in the drivers. However, it was all a bit Matrox ParheliaP650P750 a moot point because Parhelia's performance was not adequate to drive most DirectX 9-supporting titles well even without more complex shader code weighing the card down. Sales[ edit ] Despite the lackluster performance for its price, Matrox hoped to win over enthusiasts with the Parhelia's unique and high quality features, such as "Surround Gaming", glyph acceleration, high resolutions, and 16x fragment anti-aliasing.

However, within a few months after release, the Parhelia was completely overshadowed by ATI 's far faster and fully DirectX 9.

Due to their equivalent pricing against faster cards, the Parhelia never got a significant hold in the market. It remained a niche product, while nVidia and ATI control the majority of the discrete graphics chip market. Future products[ edit ] Originally, Matrox planned to produce the "Parhelia 2" successor, codenamed "Pitou". One monitor or the other has to be designated as a primary but not both. Software programs may require for part of the workspace to be in the primary display and will not work Matrox ParheliaP650P750 the secondary display. This is where Matrox has leapt ahead. The Matrox ParheliaP650P750 Millennium P and P have no secondary display.

Matrox Millennium P650 & P750 Video Card Review

There is also dual hardware overlay support for video in a window in either display. If you happen to be fortunate enough to own two digital flat panel monitors then look closely at the competition. Matrox ParheliaP650P750


There is support for DVI digital video interface but the secondary port is analog. You might as well have bought a CRT monitor or an analog flat panel because one digital flat panel cannot Matrox ParheliaP650P750 its potential.

That means a digital signal to each monitor…true dual digital flat panel display which no other card can say. Who is a Matrox customer? Matrox users speak about the flexibility and quality of their desktop. They may be casual gamers but they rely upon the multi-monitor support that Matrox Matrox ParheliaP650P750 for business applications, web design, graphic applications, video editing, imaging in healthcare, financial data display and a host of other applications. Why buy a Matrox video card? Matrox ParheliaP650P750

The hard cold fact is that Matrox does not produce a high end gaming card. Matrox delivers desktop quality Matrox ParheliaP650P750 multiple monitors.

Matrox took a page from the lesson book Matrox ParheliaP650P750 Parhelia and took notice of a very interesting statistic; the G is still a popular card. The P has the same pixel pipelines with quad texturing units per pipe, five-stage pixel shaders, and DirectX 9-class vertex shaders as Parhelia, but only half Matrox ParheliaP650P750 many of each. In total, Parhelia has four pixel pipelines, four pixel shaders, and four vertex shaders.

Matrox Parhelia P/P (Windows /XP) v. Driver - TechSpot

The Matrox ParheliaP650P750 has two pixel pipes, two pixel shaders, and Matrox ParheliaP650P750 vertex shaders. The one-half rule also applies in the memory department. The Millennium P comes with a bit memory bus and 64MB of memory.

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Parhelia has a bit memory bus and is available Matrox ParheliaP650P750 MB or MB of memory. Clock for clock, the Millennium P should be roughly half as fast as Parhelia, whose core and memory clock speeds are MHz and MHz, respectively. However, Matrox won't divulge the Millennium P's core or memory clock speeds, which makes handicapping the card's real-world performance more difficult. Matrox's marketing materials claim the Millennium P is a little less than half as fast as Parhelia in 3D applications, which suggests the Millennium P's clock speeds are at least a little lower than Parhelia's. When Parhelia was released, its DirectX 9-class vertex shaders were ahead of the game, but today 2.


The P's edge-only fragment antialiasing works at a 16X sample size that all but eliminates jaggies. For CAD applications that use untextured or wireframe 3D models, fragment antialiasing should look gorgeous and be very efficient. In bit GigaColor mode, Matrox ParheliaP650P750 scales back alpha channel precision from eight to two bits. That's generally an acceptable tradeoff, because 2D desktop applications don't use the alpha channel. GigaColor's 10 bits of precision per color channel yields shades of red, green, and blue each that can be mixed and matched to produce over one billion colors. Standard bit color, which has 8 bits of precision per color channel, yields a comparatively unimpressive shades of red, green, and blue for only Matrox's drivers enable GigaColor mode in Windows, but non-3D applications also have to be patched in order Matrox ParheliaP650P750 support GigaColor.

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