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CP Tech CP-UL-300 Driver

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CP Tech CP-UL-300 Driver

Older non-UL systems are not designed to handle fires in modern kitchens, and keeping one of these systems CP Tech CP-UL-300 place typically costs more than upgrading to a modern model. Despite these facts, a dwindling handful of commercial kitchen operators continue to hold onto their old systems.


Click below to learn more. Pre-engineered means these specified parts were designed by engineers to be used a certain way—and only that certain way—for the system to work as intended. Formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories, UL is an independent testing lab that focuses on consumer CP Tech CP-UL-300 safety.


Before offering a product for sale, manufacturers test the product themselves, and then send representative samples of the product to UL for third-party testing. Different types of products have different UL testing processes: This standard lists specific CP Tech CP-UL-300 of testing each type of cooking appliance, and specific benchmarks that must be met for the fire system to CP Tech CP-UL-300 considered effective. These tests seek to mimic a worst-case-scenario fire in the type of appliance being tested.

This standard does not apply to engineered fire systems, fire systems used to protect other hazards, or fire systems intended for residential cooking equipment. Why Was UL Adopted?

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SinceStandard has been the only method that UL has used to test restaurant fire systems. With time CP Tech CP-UL-300 attitudes toward energy use and saturated fat consumption evolved, and so did fire systems.

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But why does the efficiency of an appliance or the type of oil it contains matter for fire protection? Vegetable oil has a higher flash point CP Tech CP-UL-300 animal fat, meaning it takes more heat to catch on fire, and more heat needs to be lost before the fire can be definitively put out. Modern cooking appliances are designed to be as efficient as possible, so they hold heat extremely well.

Amerex Restaurant Systems

When restauranteurs ditched lard for vegetable oil and brought in more efficient appliances to save on fuel costs, CP Tech CP-UL-300 inadvertently made fires in their establishments harder to put out. This became evident as chain restaurants witnessed recurring issues with fryer fires re-starting after the old restaurant fire system initially seemed to extinguish it.


To combat these issues, UL was developed. UL wet chemical systems use chemistry to break up the fire pyramid. The fire-suppressing chemicals released by these systems combine with CP Tech CP-UL-300 oil to create a foamy blanket that smothers the surface of cooking grease.

These three factors—automatic fuel shut-off, cold wet chemical, and foamy blanket—are the keys to removing heat and oxygen, and meeting UL requirements. Older restaurant fire systems included one or two of the factors, but not all three. These older systems used powdery dry chemical or low quantities of wet chemical, and could not pass the realistic CP Tech CP-UL-300 testing of UL It should be noted that dry chemical systems are effective for non-cooking hazards, but can no longer be used in commercial kitchens.

Another type of fire protection system that was once common in commercial kitchens uses carbon dioxide CO2 to extinguish fires. These systems are engineered, not pre-engineered, and as such CP Tech CP-UL-300 not subjected to UL testing.

CP Tech CP-UL-300 systems continue to be a viable option for protecting certain hazards, and they can still be found in some institutional and industrial kitchens. Compared to modern restaurant systems however, these systems are large and expensive to install and maintain, so they have fallen out of regular use as protection for cooking hazards. It has been more than twenty years since UL went into effect, and keeping a non-UL system is no longer a realistic option. Loss of insurance coverage, cease and desist orders from fire officials, inability to recharge the system, and inability to find a fire protection company willing to service the system are all challenges that CP Tech CP-UL-300 owners of these non-compliant models.

In addition, modern systems often allow restaurant owners to open within hours of a fire check out this blog post for morewhile non-UL systems have the power to shut a restaurant down for a period of days, weeks, or indefinitely—even without a fire.

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At this point, manufacturers no longer support non-UL equipment. The parts for these systems have been phased out over the past two decades, and they are considered obsolete and non-compliant with current standards. Due to this lack of available replacement parts, upgrading some CP Tech CP-UL-300 has become more of a challenge over time.

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